Monday, September 8, 2008


This is as good an inaugural post as any, I guess. Sometimes, when I finish a really long book, I like to balance it on my head and take a picture. (Actually, I think I've only done this with Stephen King books in the past---The Stand, It, Duma Key...) To be fair, this is the large print edition of this book, so its size is even further exaggerated. I've read all of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books, and found them enjoyable in that way where I had to clap my hands over my face and cackle at least once a chapter because the writing was so dubious and overwrought. Her non-vampire-related book (The Host, in case the title isn't clear in the picture) was actually readable in a way that involved minimal laughter! I was pleasantly surprised. She handled alien mythology/worldbuilding much better than she did vampires (and werewolves), and the plot of this book was a lot less tied up in the Great and Mystical Romance of its protagonist. There was still a bunch of "we kissed, and I could feel our souls melding like I was taking a course in metallurgy," or whatever, and Ms. Meyer has a weird thing for (a) interspecies romance and (b) characters who are So Pure and Wonderful that everyone can't help but be enchanted by them, but still. Much better.

Now, the part I've been dreading, bringing it back to the library. I try not to drive to my town library when the weather is good, since it's a quick-ish walk, but wow, do I not want to walk there carrying this thing.

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