Friday, September 26, 2008

a friday night song

Probably, I should leave music-blogging to more knowledgeable people...

Anyway, here's a song I've had on loop lately, and which made me dig up the star-brush in photoshop and apply it clumsily to this photo I took of my grandparents' basement stairs yesterday:"Starry Stairs" by Okkervil River. Okkervil River are a band I've liked for years, since a friend of mine put a fantastic track of theirs called "Red" on a CD of mp3s she made me before we both left for college, and this song is from their most recent album The Stand Ins (which is part of a double album-ish with last year's The Stage Names, which is my favourite overall album of the two, I think). The original version of this song was called "(Shannon Wilsey On The) Starry Stairs," and it's about said Ms. Wilsey, who was apparently a 90s porn star who died in a sort of tragic and bewildering way. There's nothing I don't like about this song---the melody is pretty and a little earwormy; there are some random jingly bells in the intro, as well as other cool instrumentation throughout. I love a muted horn section! And Will Sheff's songwriting and vocals are often fantastic. (Listen to the poignant way he sighs out "oh what a trip / oh what a shimmering silver ship / oh what a hot half-life I half-lived" at 2:26. Definitely my favourite moment/set of lyrics.)

Re: the photo, it represents one of those instances when my eyes and the camera weren't exactly in agreement about what was going on---my eyes thought the stairs looked way better than the camera did, with warmer light and more intriguing shadows.

Also, I guess I should put up one of those music-blog disclaimers here that goes: Mp3 for sampling purposes only! Please support the artists! And if, by some strange chance, you happen to represent them and want the song taken down, let me know.

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