Wednesday, September 10, 2008

failed experiment no. 1

the jellyfish of bad ideas.
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I'm thinking about starting up an etsy store, so I'm playing around with ideas. I liked the thought of polymer clay jellyfish earrings with wire tentacles, but as I was fighting with the pliers to attach the tentacles (me and wire: not friends yet.), I realized these would be the Worst. Earrings. Ever. I almost always wear my hair pulled away from my face/ears, so it didn't occur to me until I actually had the wire in my hands that these would just be hair-tangling trainwrecks waiting to happen. And the tentacle-wire is so thin that the tentacle-shapes wouldn't withstand the detangling very well. I put them on earwires anyway, just to see what they'd look like, but I'm going to take them off and maybe put little thread loops so they can be hanging ornaments instead.

The jellyfish were actually yesterday's adventure. (...If making non-wearable jewelery counts as an adventure.) Today's was trying to get a bird who'd flown down the chimney out of our woodstove. After a lot of messing around with semi-elaborate bird-catching contraptions made with cookie sheets and cardboard boxes, we trapped the bird under a mug while it was napping a few minutes ago, and it just flew off into the night in a cloud of soot.


  1. i think they are pretty damn cool. people can just wear their hair back and be careful. it would be totally worth it.

    ps-sorry about your houseguest! eek! :)

  2. Love 'em! well except for the hair tangling part...

  3. sdljfh those look like something I would randomly buy for whatever purpose they were intended for and NEVER USE but like, look at once in a while while they, say, hung off my bulletin board, if you feel like relieving yourself of a jellyfish!

    And OMGBIRD. I'm so glad it just *fell asleep* in plain sight of you and your mom. <3