Thursday, September 18, 2008

made with pernicious peaches!

Sinister Desserts.
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When I got back into TV as a storytelling medium a couple years ago, I tripped and fell in love with Supernatural, and my mom ended up liking it, too. Both of us are easily swayed by vintage cars and good screen chemistry, I guess. And even though we also jointly enjoy other shows (some of which are of way more consistent quality, like The Office or Firefly), this one is kind of special. We tend to do some kind of chocolatey dessert for the beginning and end of each season (and I don my demon horns), and after the episode, we eat and discuss.

For tonight's season premiere, we (I totally stirred it for a while) made Evil Chiffon (dark chocolate and coffee flavoured) with cherry-peach-wine sauce. I've been trying to do something small and creative every day, just to keep myself from going crazy, so today's project was these dessert picks, which I painted in watercolours with things that I thought had at least something to do with the show (from left to right: ball of flames, pentagram, completely non-threatening ghost, demon eye) and mounted on little bits of road map.

I wish that blogger had a place to enter the music you've got on as you're writing, the way livejournal does. I seem to be unable to take Okkervil River's "Starry Stairs" off repeat right now, so that's what I'd be typing into the "music" field if there was one.

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  1. I'm so envious!!! I used to watch Knotts Landing with my mom...Yes, I know you are WAY too young to even remember that show - but it was cool to have somethign to do with my mom every Thursday night.

    Wendy Darling

    The peaches look pretty darn good too!