Friday, October 24, 2008

autumn items.

today's project.
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I bought this bright pink yarn from a clearance bin a few weeks ago with the thought of making a pink-and-black (a colour combination I love, even though I'm not a big fan of pink on its own) headband. Today, I finally got around to it. It was almost weird to crochet the standard back-and-forth way after working on stuff in the round. I didn't use a pattern, and my finishing techniques need work, but it was nice to just start and finish something. I may have made some sort of excited squeaking noise when I was sewing the button on and it went from being a little rectangular blob to a functional thing.

I took this picture in a nature preserve type place near my house where I went for a walk today, and where I failed to take any pictures that showed how gorgeous it was. I really need to see if I can get a Photography for Dummies book at the library or something. It gets so frustrating to not be able to make the camera see what I'm seeing. There were so many beautiful trees with bright yellow or red leaves, and a patch of very interesting prehistoric looking ferns (ferns always make me think of dinosaurs) and my pictures of them just came out a pixelly mess.

It was just so nice to be out stomping through the crackling leaves, though. And I got to pet two dogs, which is a sure sign of a good walk.

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