Sunday, October 12, 2008


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I've thought that amigurumi are adorable for years, and I'm finally attempting one. What it is, exactly, is going to remain a mystery for now, because it may end up being a present for someone who's probably reading this. Anyway, so far, so good. (Except for the part where it's turning out much larger than anticipated. I'm hoping that that's just because the pictures that accompany the pattern aren't taken next to a ruler for scale, and not because I'm doing it wrong.)

Crocheting is one of those things that makes me boggle at my brain's storage capacity. My mom taught me the basic stitches when I was about nine years old. I never really made anything---I think I started a hat at some point? But every time in the intervening years that I've picked up a crochet hook (and that hasn't really been often), it's right at the front of my mind, how to hold the hook and yarn and make a chain. This also works with the few guitar chords I can play. (C, G, a modified G7, E minor. My mom was trying to teach me to play Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning," which accounts for the first three. E minor I always remember because it only takes two fingers to play, but sounds impressively sweet and melancholy. ) It does not work with, say, long division, but I never really understood how to do that in the first place. How I got out of third grade is kind of a mystery.

I think this will be my first finished crochet project ever, actually. Uh, provided I finish it...

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