Wednesday, October 1, 2008

some arachnid love

spooky spider, II.
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It probably helps a lot that I've never been bitten by one (...knock wood!), but I love spiders. It also helps that we're not swarming with the poisonous kind here in southern New York, so I can view them without wondering if they'll attack me and turn my flesh necrotic with their venom, etc. There are always smallish spiders inside and outside my house, but over the past week, there have suddenly been a crop of huge ones (all much bigger than a quarter, and all fortunately outside) setting up shop and building webs. It must be Spider Weather, or maybe they want to help me decorate for Halloween, who knows. I enjoy having them around (I like to think they're catching lots of mosquitoes*), and I've been wandering around and checking on them every day. It's like having a handful of very low-maintenance pets. Kind of.

I've also been wandering around trying to photograph them, with mixed results. And then I decided to photoshop the results in a Halloween-type-fashion, also with mixed results, which are viewable here. Things I need to learn more about include: how to use a camera properly; photoshop.

*Did you know that you have to add an 'e' when you make 'mosquito' plural? I didn't. This message brought to you by Firefox's spell checker.

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  1. Arachnid Love indeed... nice picture... if you google "Arachnid LOve" you'll find me all over... anyway... shutting up now.