Friday, November 21, 2008

holiday shopping, part one.

The only Christmas gift I've acquired so far is this set of beautiful napkins for my mom from margotbianca on etsy. I was lucky enough to win some gorgeous items in Jessica Jane's autumn giveaway last month, one of those being a batik bandana by Margot, so I went to check out her shop. My mom has been talking to me about batik since I was a little kid and didn't really understand what she meant about the wax keeping the dye off of select parts of the fabric, and she uses cloth napkins, so I thought these would be a good gift. The set I got are this wheat pattern, and Margot was so wonderful about custom-dying them for me in my mom's favourite blue-green. She even sent me a photo after they'd been dyed to make sure they were okay. A few days after I bought them, she was a featured seller on etsy. (...Do I have enough links in this post yet? Wait until you see my next post when I'm going to list all the different patterns I used to make a complicated crocheting project.) I've been shopping on etsy for over a year now, but it never gets any less exciting to be able to buy stuff from people who've actually made it, who you can talk to and whose blogs you can read to find out more about their lives and their art.

Now comes the hard part, which is hanging onto these until December 25th.

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