Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thomas the Triceratops.

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This is Thomas the Triceratops, who I made for my friend Jamie. I started him...before Christmas even, I think, and for a long time he was a collection of parts---sans head, since I wasn't sure how to make the head the right shape and did it last---in a plastic bag. I didn't use a pattern for him, nor did I bother to write down what I did, so he's the first and last of his breed. (And when I finally got around to making the head, it just kind of...came out that shape. I honestly have no idea how. I played with some increases and decreases and was pleasantly shocked when the thing in my hands was roughly the shape I'd been thinking of, with a sort of little...beaky bit on the end.)

In the interests of full disclosure (the photo hides this bit), his tail is a little lumpy and odd because I increased it too fast and then didn't want to redo it, since it had four colour changes in it. The horns are polymer clay beads, and I had to make them before I made the head (since they had to be sewn in while the head was unfinished), so the fact that they ended up the right size was nice.

It was weird taking so long to make all the pieces (...once I finished the head, it took me forever to get around to making the little frill-crest that went on the head...), it made me feel so disconnected from the finished product. I kept Thomas hanging around the house for a few days before mailing him out (with his horns wrapped in little pieces of bubble wrap) and I kept picking him up and thinking ...wait, I made this? I like how he turned out, and I'm kicking myself for not paying closer attention and taking some notes about how the head got made. But in a way, it's kind of cool that he's unreproducible. (By me, at least. I'm sure that someone who's a more patient and experienced crocheter could figure it out.)

I haven't actually done any amigurumi for a while. I'm waffling about what my next project should be. I'm at this weird stage where I don't really want to use a pattern made by someone else, but I'm not consistently good enough to design my own, either.

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