Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ice cream and musical sleuthing.

Just as a PSA, if there's a Baskin-Robbins near you, tonight is 31-cent scoop night! Baskin-Robbins chocolate-peanut butter has been one of my favourite ice cream flavours since I was like, seven years old. So I'm drooling in advance about getting a scoop of that and a scoop of Jamoca Almond Fudge. And then coming home to watch America's Next Top Model. (I watch it to observe the photoshoot process, I swear! ...Actually, I really do. I'm so fascinated to see the photoshoot itself and then the final-product photos they show at the judging panel.)

I'm already having a pretty awesome day today, between the promise of 62-cent ice cream and the fact that I just found some music I was looking for! I was channel surfing last night and came upon an episode of Fringe (a show I don't watch), and they were playing a song I liked the sound of. So today, I counted on the show's fans to be awesome and detail-oriented and fired up google! I wasn't disappointed! I found this helpful index of music used on the show, and poked around on youtube until I found the right song from the list.

The song turned out to be Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge. (That link will take you to its music video on youtube. This video was apparently directed by Joaquin Phoenix, and I kind of like it---it utilizes these weird, mostly unpunctuated subtitles instead of audible dialogue, and I found myself being really interested in the effect.) The best part, though, is that as soon as I heard the song in full, out of the TV-episode context, I realized that it was a song I'd heard on the radio, at least a year ago, and hadn't been able to find at that point because my memory of the lyrics wasn't specific enough to use google to dig it up, so now having found it is doubly sweet. (And a little disturbing, now that I'm hearing the lyrics more clearly. Luckily, I think sweet and slightly-disturbing are a pretty good mix.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

note to self: stop doing anything.

I was poking around the US Postal Service website trying to confirm when postage is going up again (May 11th, blah), and right on the front page was an announcement about these soon-to-be-released Simpsons stamps! I think I'd heard that they were being released, but then promptly forgot about it. Because I am an avid Simpsons fan who sends a good bit of mail, this makes me really happy, and I'll definitely be buying some. (In addition to the Forever stamps I'm hoping to load up on before the postage goes up, which I have to remember to see if the post office has tomorrow. I love how I'm writing this here, like it's a post-it note stuck to my mirror.) I think the artwork on the stamps is weird, a little sketchy (meaning "as though it was quickly sketched," not "dubious"), but I like them, especially prim-Lisa.

My senior year of high school, I was taking an informal poll, for a while, about what people's favourite Simpsons episodes were. I probably still have the results in a notebook somewhere. My favourite episode is probably Trilogy of Error, which I remember watching when it aired and just being so, so thrilled about the clever narrative structure---the episode shows the same day from Homer, Lisa, and Bart's points of view, and then at the end everyone's stories converge, and it's all really neatly done. (And it has some awesome jokes, like the death scene of Lisa's grammar-correcting robot, Linguo.)

I feel like I should probably be making a grand statement about how The Simpsons is one of the American cultural phenomena closest to my heart, but I'm sort of distracted right now. It's really just pouring rain outside. It sounds wonderful, especially since I'm safely warm and dry in here.