Wednesday, September 8, 2010

today's adventures...

Okay.  Definitely time to blow the dust off of this blog and revamp it.  (...I'll admit, I just wanted to type "revamp" because I'm in a vampire mood lately.  More on that later.)  I had all these visions of redoing this blog myself and using my sloth-and-muffin banner, and I still may do that eventually, but for now, a very pretty and serviceable blogger template.  (I'm not one of those people who enjoys messing around with HTML, like, at all.)

I'm going to try and be better at this blogging thing.  A lot of the time I feel like all my putting-words-together energy gets eaten by other things, like crocheting lots of octopuses---I feel like I read somewhere that "octopi" is actually an incorrect plural.  I'm going to have to research this further.  I auctioned off some tentacled friends to benefit flood relief in Pakistan.  Violet, pictured above, is one of them.  She's almost ready to be mailed out to her new home, once I finish sewing a flower on her tiny beret.  She's getting my last pair of coloured safety eyes, and I like the sort of slightly-evil/cute look they give her.

So I'm in octopus factory mode right now, but I've also started a bunch of other projects that I'm excited about---crocheted earrings, some handwarmers/fingerless gloves, Halloween-themed felted flower brooches...

But one of the most exciting things I made today was a bean-sprouts-and-peanut-butter satay sandwich for lunch, from a recipe I found on craftzine by chance.  (So it was a serendipitous sandwich, which is the best kind.)  It sounds bizarre, I know, but it was definitely good bizarreThe ginger-soy sauce-sugar combination was really salty-sweet-interesting, and the bean sprouts gave it an amazing crunch.


  1. Octopodes, apparently! Which kind of sounds cooler than 'octopi'?

  2. Hey Kathleen! Glad you've restarted this, your life sounds so interesting! I never replied to your message (sorry!) but I totally still want one of your octopussy things - I'll be in touch! xxx

    PS that sandwich sounds horrible! :P

  3. That sandwich actually sounds good. Strange combos can work~~

  4. Octopi... Octopus... either way Violet and company are fab!