Monday, November 29, 2010

Three-Source Biscuits

I love biscuits, but I don't love the amount of shortening you're supposed to put in them, so when this much-lower-fat recipe for whole wheat biscuits, with just a little olive oil popped up on the adorable Cooking with My Kid blog, I wanted to try them.  Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time---my mom has fond memories of eating biscuits (albeit the from-a-can kind) as a kid, so I thought I'd make a batch of these.

While I was printing out the recipe, I noticed that it was adapted from this recipe on Foodologie, so I went to check that one out, too.  (I love the internet, it makes following information around so easy.)  That recipe was adapted from another one, and I ended up combining elements of all three---the amazing idea to cut the biscuits into hearts from Cooking with my Kid, the whole wheat pastry flour/all-purpose flour combination from Foodologie, and the repeated patting-out-and-folding-before-cutting technique from the original recipe.  (Which was meant to make the biscuits layered, and didn't exactly work, but they halved nicely, at least.)

I'm pretty new to the whole...experimental baking thing, so anytime I deviate a little from a recipe and it works is very exciting. :D  And in this case, tasty.  There were some left over, so I had one for breakfast on Friday morning, toasted and topped with plain Greek yogurt and some raspberry-blueberry jam from IKEA.  

Next baking project: possibly sesame ring-shaped bread. 

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