Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday!

Meet Bob the Slightly Asymmetrical Panda!  I'm terrible about having a million WIPs going at once, but Bob is my favourite right now, since he's so cutely high-contrast and made with a type of construction I haven't tried before.  I'm just making him up out of my head as I go along, and I'm surprised that it's working so far.

Pandas have kind of weird colouring, with black stripes that only go round their backs, so I did Bob's head all in the round and then decided to try making the back/sides of his body in turned rows, with a separate all-white belly piece for the front.  So he looks finished from the back right now:

And here's an approximation of what he'll look like when I get around to sewing him together. (...the sewing-together is my least favourite part of amigurumi-making.  I'm a much better crocheter than I am a seamstress!)   His belly is part of a motif from Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs.

My non-yarn (and also non-photogenic) WIP today is a biga, which is a kind of non-sourdough starter/sponge thing for bread.  It's supposed to sit around multiplying/rising/whatever for about 24 hours before you can use it to mix the bread dough, which I should have thought about more before I made it around 8 PM yesterday, but uh, bread that comes out of the oven at midnight-ish is the best kind, right? 


  1. That little panda is so adorable! I really wish I could crochet like that but I can only do a granny square!

  2. You folks who are crocheting darling little animals are tempting me to dig out the crochet hook! What a cutie that little panda is!

  3. Your little panda is adorable.

  4. The panda is adorable. I envy your ability to design a project spontaneously like that.

  5. Your panda is very cute! Nice work, both the design and the making.