Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Snowed-In Serial Dabbling

I still have to blog about the Giant Pony Project (I'm going to cheat just a little and do that for FO Friday), from which my hands are still recovering.  After spending most of December working on focused or semi-focused projects, it's making me happy in this post-Christmas, sadly-snowed-in lull to return to my more typical creating-stuff method of starting a billion tiny things just to see how they'll work...and then leaving them unfinished on the skeins until I need the yarn for something else and rip them out.

I'm reading a pirate-themed YA novel right now, and while I'm not sure about the novel, it made me want to do something piratey.  I made myself resist a number of cute amigurumi pirate bears, and went with this cool skull motif (that's a Ravelry link).

It's a great pattern---easy, fun, and pretty much foolproof, because I definitely messed up the eyes a bit (which is what happens when I try to listen to music and crochet things that require counting at the same time) and it still looks pretty good.

I'm thinking of making this adorable iPod hoodie, so I learned Tunisian crochet yesterday, via a nice tutorial over at Corchet Spot.  I need to stop being intimidated by new techniques just because they have fancy names, because this is the second one I've learned recently (the other being front and back post crochet) that I really like.

I'm still a bit wobbly at it, obviously, but this is just my test swatch to see how stripes would work up, etc.  This is the Tunisian knit stitch, and I love the knitted-look.  I'm hoping to learn how to knit in the upcoming year, but until I do, there's this stitch to perfect and create something that at least looks similar to knitting.

I might combine these two semi-WIPs, actually, and make a red and black striped scarf in Tunisian crochet with friendly skulls on the ends. 

I also have one actual project going, this cool market bag with a CD in the bottom to give it weight and shape. 

So far, so good.  And I am going to be so much better at treble crochet (which I hadn't used much, previously) by the time it's finished.

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  1. That skull looks perfect for a day of the dead themed project, that one may just end up in my Rav queue... And the CD a a base is a good idea, was that in the original pattern?

  2. Isn't it nice to dabble after finishing gifts? I like the skull. It reminds me of this scarf from Knitty:

  3. That skull may be the project that convinces me to learn crochet!

  4. Isn't it great to be able to experiment with new techniques and projects? The skull motif looks fun, it would make a cool coaster. Tunisian crochet is on my list of new things to learn, too. The cd at the bottom of the market bag is such a clever feature. Yours is looking great. I really must practice crochet more.

  5. I really like the yarn your using for your market bag. I'm just dabbling at things myself this week.

  6. Awesome skull! And good for you for learning new stuff. The intimidation factor is always the worst part for me. Looking forward to seeing the skull scarf take shape!

  7. Love that Day of the Dead skull! And you sure seem to be enjoying your snowed-in dabbling!

  8. Love the skull. Are you reading A.S. King's Dust of 100 Dogs by any chance?

    I used that same yarn for the market bag for my mom's Christmas present. :)