Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too-Many-Projects Wednesday.

I'm trying to get some stuff ready for a craft fair on Friday/Saturday, and last night I decided to do some felted star ornaments.  I love felting, it feels almost like magic to me.  The stars crochet up in a few seconds---I made them while happily sipping lemon-ginger tea and listening to Rihanna's new album, all of which makes a pretty strange combination, I think---and felted them just a little while ago.   The photo above shows them pre-and-post-felting.  I don't have a top-loading washer (and if I did, it would be a waste to put it on for things this small anyway), so I felt by hand.  Or in this case, by hand with the aid of my electric hand mixer, which made the process (a) messier, (b) sort of more fun, and (c) easier on my hands/wrists.  I'm planning on embellishing these somehow when they dry, I'm not sure how yet.  Maybe simple embroidery, or needle felting, or sewing on buttons...

I also have to finish this little felted cactus, which needs a separate (and unfelted, since it will be hidden) piece sewn onto it so it can pop in and out of the pot more neatly.  I'm pleased with the way this felted up, it almost looks real!  I used the basic idea from this pattern at Elf ♥'s Dwarf, and added some slip-stitching to give it more colour/texture.  I'm glad I did, because the felting basically obliterated the ribs that the back-loop-only crocheting technique gave it.  I'm toying with using really thick fishing line to give it some spines, but I think it would take forever, since each piece would have to have its own separate knot and be glued into the inside of the cactus.

Poor Bob the panda from last week is still stuck in unfinished-creature-limbo, but now he has company!  Two cats-to-be (Autumn and Noomi, without and with eyes, respectively), and Peppermint the Christmas Pentapus. (I wanted to keep him small, so he's just got the five tentacles.)

Next week, I hope to be working on this adorable penguin crochet-a-long for WIP Wednesday.

P.S.  Check out Tami's Amis for more WIP Wednesday posts.


  1. those stars are super-cute! They'll be a hit, I bet!

  2. I just found your blog through Tami's Amis. I feel like I've found myself a fellow Ani I wrong?

    Nevertheless, love your projects :-)

  3. Love the stars as well. I have yet to try felting but using a hand mixer sounds SO FUN! Maybe I'll give it a whirl (no pun intended. LOL)

    Hmm, I hope I have time. I'd love to do the CAL!

  4. I love that cactus! It's very real looking. The stars are great too - besides embellishing them, what are you going to do with them? Are they going to be pins?

  5. I love your cactus. I was going to ask if you were going to do something for the sharp needles, to make it more authentic.

  6. Great cactus...very realistic. What if you used dental floss for the spines,thread with a needle,pull thru & cut then let them flop and it'll look like an old man cactus?

  7. The stars are great! They look so festive. I love the cactus. What a cute idea! Finally, a plant that even I could keep alive.

  8. Love your stars, Kathleen,

  9. Kathleen,

    I'm glad I wasn't wrong about the Ani thing! Thanks for following'll be one person to recognize my Ani quotes here and there. I'm following you, too. I hope you'll stop over from time to time and post to my Fibers on Friday party.