Friday, January 7, 2011

2011's First Finished Projects

I got these photographed today just before even more snow started falling.  I filled the bag with some tasty groceries (cereal, dried apples, and tea, yum) and hung it from the support of my sadly disused clothesline.  I really miss using my clothesline, you guys.  Winter cannot end soon enough for me. 

So there's my finished CD-in-the-bottom market bag, which is a pattern I definitely recommend.  It worked up easily and well, and once I got into the rhythm of the treble crochets, it was something I could do while also watching TV---in this case, the first series of the BBC's Being Human, which I liked a lot.  There's so much vampire/werewolf/paranormal whatever narrative around at this point, and this show (which has a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all sharing a house in Bristol) was in interesting take on it.

The CD in the bottom works wonderfully---one of the problems I always had with the idea of crocheted market bags is my suspicion that heavy stuff would just stretch them out, and this seems to counter that nicely.  I love the idea of using useless CDs, too, although of course once I actually needed one for this project, it took me forever to find one.  I wonder where I've stashed them all...  (Remember when AOL used to constantly send you CDs in the mail to try and coax you into installing AOL?)

This peace sign granny square (which I attached prayer-flag style ties to) was actually my first FO of 2011.  Made from this (excellent) pattern, this was my first attempt at this kind of colour change where you have to carry the unused colour along on the back, and while it definitely took getting used to---there was a lot of ripping out a few stitches and going back to pick up the other colour, which I'd forgotten about---it was fun.  I've always said I'd never make an afghan, but after doing this square I'm not so sure...

But first, a hat!  Which I think I'll go work on right now, while watching Dexter.  I saw the pilot the other night, and whoa.  So effectively creepy, and Michael C. Hall is amazing.  And the south-Florida setting is perfect for some wishful winter watching.  (See also: Burn Notice.  I wonder if my library has season three yet...)

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  1. I love the peace sign! Your stuff turned out great

    Thanks for your comment! I just started getting the hang of knitting over Christmas. I am really enjoying it but I still love crocheting. :)

    Good luck with your knitting adventure! It is so worth learning how to do.

  2. Your projects make me wish I knew how to crochet! Hmm, I wonder if there is knitting pattern for a similar bag? I especially love the peace sign. Thanks for mentioning Being Human as well, it's always nice to learn of a new series to get from Netflix for knitting time. : )

  3. Love the projects! Both are so bright and happy!

    I was just thinking of trying out Being Human. Glad to hear you like it. I'm kind of tired of the whole paranormal thing, but it seemed to have a different flair to it, if that makes sense.

  4. wow that bag is really cute, the peace sign is super clever xx

  5. Great bag! The CD in the bottom is genius; I've always had the same worry about crocheted and knit market bags - the CD seems to add just the right amount of structure!

    The peace sign is also awesome! Love it. Dexter is one of my favorite recent series. I definitely love watching it on Netflix, so I can watch episode after episode! Avoid the cliffhangers that way. : )

  6. So nice! And Kathleen, I miss my clothesline terribly, too. I feel your pain. The snow has hit us again this morning (in South Jersey), and we still have inches upon inches from last week husband is gone for 3 weeks, so the digging out is all on me....hmph!

    Dexter; I couldn't hack it.

  7. Your peace sign looks great. I love that market bag. I received tons of those cd's from aol.

  8. Your market bag turned out great! I've been meaning to knit/crochet one, so will definitely keep this awesome pattern in mind. Love the peace sign. Isn't it neat to learn a new color work technique?

  9. I dig the yarn you used to make the bag! I've often toyed with trying to make a produce bag like that but use it for clam digging - it would hold a lot of clams!

  10. I really need to make a market bag. How inspiring! I have all the yarn for it too!

    Your blog is so pretty, by the way!

  11. The link in the blog about the Peace Sign Granny isn't working. Is that pattern still available?

    1. Eek, sorry about the broken link! The pattern is available here: