Friday, January 28, 2011

Next Week...Something That's Not a Hat. I Promise.

Although this installment of Tiniest Dye Lots Ever totally counts as not-a-hat, right?  This week's bitty-overdyeing project involved dipping some Paton's Classic Wool in "Old Gold" (which here is a euphemism for "mustard.") in some Wilton food dye (and regular food colouring) in red.  I was nervous at first because it looked like it was going to turn a muddy brown, but I like the end result.  I also like that when you put the original and dyed colours next to each other, you get a very go go Gryffindor! effect.  :D  Maybe I'll make myself a little Gryffindor wristwarmer or something.  I think it's getting to be time for some Harry Potter re-reading.

And here are this week's little hats.  The one in the lower right (and again in hideous mustard, why is this stuff even in my stash?) is an adapted puff-stitch pattern that was fun to do, and the purple one next to it is the Battlestar Idol Baby Hat, because those were the two shows I watched as I made it. 

The turquoise one is meant to be viewed from the air:
This is so any passing birds will have something interesting to look at, clearly.  I actually kind of love this one, I was getting fed up with trying promising-looking patterns that had to be frogged after a bit (...whether this is the patterns or just me is up for debate...), so I flipped through my motif book to find a circular one I thought could be adapted into a hat.  I want to make thousands more voluminous popcorn flowers right now.

I also finally finished off my little black brimmed hat, but it needs its ends woven and I'm thinking of giving it a contrasting hat band or something, so it's not showing up here yet.

I will, however, happily share the results of some serious Untangling I did to finish it.
This was a big giant snarled mess for about...six months, and now it's a nicely-behaved yarn snowball!  (But has this inspired me to unsnarl any of the rest of my snarled yarn?  No.)

Stop by FO Friday and Fibers on Friday to see other people's hats and not-a-hats. :)


  1. I love the hats, and I'm sure the birds will really appreciate all the work you did to keep them entertained as they fly by. ;)

    Your picture of the untangled yarn is very promising since I'm in the middle of my untangle mess!

  2. such cute little hats! and congrats on tackling tangled yarn :D

  3. the hats are just adorable! but don't hate on the mustard color - i love yellow so it's okay by me! :)

  4. I love your wee hats, and your dyeing results are making me want to run out and buy some Wilton food dye. Nice work!

  5. Love the names you come up with for your hats! Thank you for sharing with Fibers on Friday!

  6. Love your hats-- and the Gryffindor colors! My husband and I are re-reading the Harry Potter series out loud, it's such fun.

  7. The Griffindor colors drew me in instantly! I think the mustard hat is charming. Every color has it's purpose and I'm sure it found it's way into your stash for a reason...even if it was bad lighting ;-)

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  8. I really don't mind the mustard's got a groovy sixties vibe to it that I really dig.

  9. I love the puff stitch pattern hat - maybe it's the photo, but the mustard doesn't look bad to me! Really cute. Also, love the idea of the Griffindor wrist warmer! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)