Friday, May 20, 2011

Finished Food Friday

First, before I forget! I'm so glad that there's interest in a Dragon Crochetalong, and in a weird burst of good timing, the designer of the dragon pattern I used for Edgar has just rewritten said pattern, which you can find here on Ravelry.  I asked the pattern designer about hosting said crochetalong, and she seemed to like the idea (yay!), so I'll keep you guys posted as I mull over how to organize it.  Any thoughts about that are appreciated!  I'm thinking of creating a Ravelry group for it.
I can't lie to you.  I didn't crochet all of this stuff this week.  A lot of these things have been all crocheted for a while, and just waiting for me to feel like sewing or creating extra pieces to finish them.  I've always loved play food.  I had a lot as a kid, and I remember weirdly specific things about it---the seafoam green plastic basket it was stored in, the pieces of plastic toast that would change colour to look toasted or untoasted if you brushed them with hot or cold water...

And even now that I'm taller and can cook actual food, I still love the play stuff.  This felt s'mores set by neafus on Etsy completely blows my mind, and some of the stuff people do with polymer clay (e.g. these pizza earrings) is unreal!  So when I stumble on a cool crocheted food pattern, I can hardly resist.   I also can't resist some amateur photo styling, which I've had a ridiculous amount of fun with here.

The cute little thing pictured above is the only kind of rainbow cake I'll ever make, because while I concede that rainbow cakes are gorgeous, I'd rather have a chocolate cake without enough food colouring to dye several skeins of yarn.  Made from this adorable pattern over at genuine mudpie.  So tiny!  Mine's a bit wobbly-looking here because (a) my sewing skills need work, especially when I'm employing them while watching Friday Night Lights and (b) I got so excited about photographing the sprinkles I tossed on the plate that I forgot to try and get the best angle on the actual cake piece.  I think I'm going to have to make some colour variations on this one, it's such a fun idea and a super-quick thing to crochet. 

I loved this donut pattern the second I saw it, and being an avid Simpsons fan, I knew I had to make a classic Homer's-donut in pink icing with rainbow sprinkles.  And because I'm a little nuts, the sprinkles took uh, months to get done.  Mostly people use tubular glass beads for sprinkles, and those work fine, but I wanted something less shiny and more realistic.  I ended up making these out of Crayola Model Magic, which is juuuust supple enough when it dries that they could be pierced with a beading needle and sewn on.  They're not that supple, though, so I broke a few while sewing, and they're hard to colour so they're all weird on that front, but I'm pretty pleased with the whole thing.

I really liked the construction of the donut pattern, so naturally my next instinct was to make another one, but ridiculously small.  And in Halloween colours, because it's always time for Halloween.  The tininess sort of obscured the donut-hole on the icing, sadly.  I think soon I'll try a third, in an intermediate size.  And in chocolate, with white icing.
I think I started crocheting this pie slice in...March?  February?  I don't even remember.  The pattern was fast and fun, and then I was all oh, but this is a cherry pie, it needs a lattice crust!   Cue the months-long hiatus as I tried to avoid sewing on said lattice crust, which came out hilariously uneven.

Not cute-and-foody, but sort of food-related, I whipped up this little scrubbie out of plarn on Monday to send along as a thank-you gift to someone who bought a plarn octopus I made a while back.  Basic pattern idea from here.  I like the texture of this thing, I may have to make one for myself and see how it actually works as a dish-washing tool.

Not pictured: a felted-food project that isn't finished yet because it's not dry.  It's been super-humid here over the past few days.  Also not dry:  half of my load of laundry from yesterday.  Ugh.

This post is already getting very long and picturey, but in the spirit of sharing food stuff, have one picture and two non-picture-accompanied recommendations from my Week in Actual Edible Food, Not Made from Yarn.

A pretzel roll, a recipe I found at Cooking With My Kid and have been meaning to make for weeks.  I was a big fan of those frozen soft pretzels that you heat up in the toaster as a kid, and this is like the best version of those ever.  You get to boil them in a baking-soda-and-water solution before you bake them, which is fun (they float around like weird little dumpling boats, buffeted in a boiling water current!) and imbues them with this amazing essence-of-giant-pretzel taste.  Also: (1) these zucchini toasts (I did mine with "ricotta" made from tofu), which are an amazing combination of flavours and textures.  Just the lemon-pepper roasted zucchini on its own was heavenly. (2) this beet-barley soup, which I did without the beans and feta cheese.  I'm not usually big on vegan/vegetarian soups because I think the flavour tends to lack depth, but I gave this one a whirl anyway and it's delicious!  I used pearled barley, which I'd never had before, and it has a really wonderful texture.

As  you curse me for making you want a giant pretzel and a bowl of borscht, visit FO Friday and Fibers on Friday to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. Ok, I haven't eaten yet today and your post is only making me HUNGRIER! I can't decide if I like the cake or pie best but it all looks fantastic!! Omnomnomable! Your photographic staging should be applauded!!

    Also, I'm so glad to hear the crochet-along seems to be proceeding. If you decide to go ahead with a Ravelry group, let me know if there's anything I can do to help. (In general, let me know if I can help.) :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. This is just a treasury of good stuff. Let me compliment you on the great job you do with the crochet projects before I toddle off to see if I can make the pretzel boats :-) I'm glad I'm on my way to lunch, this made me hungry.

  3. Everything looks great and very tasty! The pretzel roll looks yummy!

  4. Curses! What do you mean "making us want a pretzel"??? I also want rainbow cake....a donut...a slice of pie....

    Thanks a lot :-)

  5. Unfair! I've just come home from cooking for some friends and I'm stuffed, but now I want to eat again! How do you do that!?

    Hat off to your awesomeness with yarn!

  6. O.M.G. I must have spent 5 minutes looking at your awesome cake and then I got to the pie. Incredible!
    When I got to the Pretzel I thought "Wow! That doesn't even look like it's made out of yarn"... then I realized it was real. Hee hee.

  7. LOVE the sprinkles!! also, the dragon crochet along is an awesome idea! i will definitely keep checking back! :D

  8. Crocheted food + actual food = awesome post!
    I can't wait to try those pizza rolls with my boy, and those crocheted desserts are so cute!