Friday, May 6, 2011

Finished Objects and a Friend from the Order Isopoda.

First of all, here's Bitty Yoda, frolicking in the spring greenery.  He worked up really quickly, I think I got him all crocheted and sewed in just a couple hours, and then I made him (slightly wonky) eyes out of polymer clay.  At some point I hope to take him somewhere pleasantly swampy (where I think he'll feel more at home) for a better photoshoot. 

Mushrooms!  The third one has yet to be made, obviously, but I still have a little time before Mother's Day to finish (uh, and start) it.  This isn't a great shot, but I did the spots on the red one with a combination of regular embroidery and surface slip stitching, which is a technique I think I like and will be trying again.  The red mushroom was made from this pattern, and the teal from this one, which I modified both intentionally (I made it smaller) and unintentionally (I wasn't paying terribly close attention and did the bottom edge of the mushroom cap in a completely different way).  The teal one was devilish to get balanced---I've discovered why hey, free rocks! isn't a more popular stuffing idea. Rocks, unlike, say, plastic bean bag pellets, aren't uniformly sized or balanced, so just cramming them into a crocheted piece and expecting them to distribute themselves evenly, especially when working with something tall like this mushroom, doesn't work so well.  So it took a good half-hour of rock-and-stuffing arranging to get this thing to be freestanding, and it's still not the most stable creation in the world, but it stands!

I finished up my pattern-testing headband yesterday morning and had this cheetah model it for me.  The pattern for this one is available here on Ravelry.

And here's my Wrinkle in Time bookmark, for which I learned to embroider a chain stitch.  (I swear that I made the stitches here uneven on purpose, to represent the characters' wending journey in the book.)  I always think that I hate embroidering because I'm usually trying to do it onto crochet, which isn't the best surface for it, but embroidering on this felt (and the practice cloth I used before doing the bookmark) was really nice.  I see more of it in my future, I think.

I loved sharing some spring with you guys on Wednesday, and it made me really happy to hear that you all seemed to like having it shared, so here's another bit of springtime where I am.

A tiny little friend that Yoda and I met this morning.  Click the image to see him bigger and shinier.  The winter has been so long that I am now feeling fluffy and sentimental about pillbugs.  That's a little sad, maybe.

Actually, does anyone want to play a regional dialect quiz game?  What do you all call the kind of bug in the picture?  I'm from southern New York, and in my family we called them pillbugs, but I've also heard them referred to as "sowbugs" or "roly-polies."

Back on topic---check out other, probably non-buggy projects at FO Friday and Fibers on Friday. :)


  1. I'm from the UK, so I call them woodlice!

  2. Roly polies (sp?) here in southern California, but some also say pill bug. The yoda is so cute! I love his little eyes you made. Also love the mushrooms! So awesome that you have rocks in there and got them to balance.

  3. Glad you figured out your mushroom spots okay. I understand your dilemma too well, as I tried to embroider cherry blossoms on a coffee sleeve for my sister once... funkiest flowers you ever did see :) You're not the only one getting excited by bugs, I'll gladly take them if it means warmth finally!!

  4. I'm with Tami -- also from So Cal and have heard both "roly-poly" and "pill bug." In my family we call them crustaceans because we just love sucking the life and fun out of mainstream monikers. ;) And it typically REALLY confuses people.
    I am quite fond of those little guys although upon closer inspection (the larger version of the photo you posted) it dawned on me: huh, that's not nearly as cute as it seems. :p

    Now that I'm done showing what a nerd I am, I wanted to say how CUTE the headband with the bow is and how darling the mushrooms came out! The eyes on Yoda look awesome -- for a moment there I thought maybe you broke a couple round buttons in half.
    You are becoming quite the influence on me. I happen to know someone who'd love a little Yoda so thank you for sharing the pattern. (As if he doesn't have enough requests for me, among them a couple Octopus ideas and a crocheted starship Enterprise. Being married to a geek is hard work, I tell you!!)

  5. Buggies like that are pillbugs in the east, and roly polies in the south, I think. I've read that they are a member of the crustacean family!

    Baltimore didn't have a dreadful winter, thankfully, but I was nonetheless thrilled to see spring!

  6. I'm afraid "icky bug!" is as specific as I can be whether I'm talking native upstate New York or transplanted Southerner. Your little creatures are adorable, as always. The headbands are very nicely done but on the cheetah they are just too fun for words.

  7. Your Yoda is seriously rockin'! Now I wanna make one too.

    "wanders off in search of the pattern"

    Have a great weekend!

  8. that, my friend, is a roly poly around these parts! Loving the 'shrooms!

  9. As usual, I love all your FO's this week. Bitty Yoda is so cute and reminds me of my 3 year old nephew who is obsessed with Star Wars, especially Yoda. He even dressed up as Yoda for Halloween. The headbands are so pretty. And great job with the embroidery on the bookmark.

  10. Gosh, I love you mushrooms!!! May have to try that at some point! The bug in your pic is known as either a 'pill-bug'' or a ''woodlouse'' here in the UK!