Friday, May 13, 2011

Rex Dragon Day!

...When I saw that blogger was down this morning, that was seriously what went through my head:  no, not on Rex Manning Dragon day!  (It's been way too long since I've seen Empire Records.)

But now it's back, so without further ado, I am ridiculously pleased to introduce you all to Edgar.

I loved Edgar right from the moment his little snout started taking shape, and even doing his legs didn't dim my affection a bit.  I even got to try some quasi-blocking techniques on his row of spikes, which I wasn't sure would work since this is just cheap Red Heart Super Saver, but it actually did help them uncurl a bit.

He is so well constructed/balanced, oh my gosh.  Even though both sets of his legs are slightly asymmetrical, he stands perfectly.

He's even stable enough that you can just...pop him in a tree.  This pattern is fantastic, and I can't wait to make another one.  Actually, since there was a lot of  interest in the dragon (and thank you so much for the interest!  It's so, so cool to know that amazing people from all over the world, armed with yarn and computers, wanted to meet Edgar.) would any of you want to do a dragon crochetalong in June or July?  Have a glance at the pattern---the Ravelry page for the pattern is here, and the version of the pattern I used is here (on the Harry Potter website The Leaky Cauldron, weirdly enough) and let me know what you think.  I've never organized a crochetalong before, I'm envisioning like, a group-compiled playlist for the Leg-Making process... :D

I even got a movie from the library for Edgar and I to watch this weekend.  (I imagine that Edgar is wondering here what exactly I think I'm going to train him to do, as he's made of yarn...)
My other FOs this week are all needle-felting, affixed to crocheted-and-wet-felted bases, which is like magic!  You just...stab, and it sticks, like painting but fluffier!  I don't know that I'll ever have the patience to be really good at needle felting, but it's fun.  Except for the occasional stabbing my finger instead of the wool.

Tree, for a Swap-Bot swap...

...and the Mad Hatter's hat, also for Swap-Bot. 

And, because I can't seem to resist these crazy perturbed avians---there's something so awesome about the primary colours and simple shapes, I guess---Angry Bird, in pin form.  This is one of those things where I couldn't believe that it worked, like it jumped out of my head and onto the wool.  I kept thinking as I added each new colour and detail and this will be the part where I screw it up...  and it somehow never was.  I'm happy about this guy, happy enough that I listed him over at my Zibbet shop.

And finally, a finished object I wish I could present to you in smellovision:

Lilacs.  I'm crazy about them!  If I pass by a lilac bush as I walk, I stop and stick my nose in the flowers if they're low enough.  Heaven.

Check out more finished objects at FO Friday!


  1. Your dragon is awesome! I love the shape it makes, in the top down view.

    Would love to join a dragon CAL, my hooks are pretty free in June...

  2. And you have a right to be ridiculously pleased ... he's really AWESOME!!!! I love the colours and how well they work together.

    Now y'all making me want to take up crochet ... LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend and continue to smell the flowers.

  3. Edgar is divine, and just plain awesome. I would love to join the CAL in June, but I can't crochet :(

    After seeing all the beautiful crochet items this past week (and yours being the cream of the crop!) I am definitely considering taking it up. Maybe one day I'll have an Edgar to call my own...

  4. OMG Edgar is awesome! I love the colours in his wings and spikes. So so cool!!
    Your Angry Bird made me smile too. Anger usually makes people smile ... doesn't it?

  5. The dragon is adorable, love how you paired it with the book. Very very nicely done, color choices are perfect.

  6. Edgar is very cool, and I really like the felting projects!

  7. Thanks for the lilacs -- we had them when I was growing up, but now I live far enough south that they just don't do well here. They were always a sign of spring for me!

    Edgar is FABULOUS. I love how his wings are variegated in appropriate dragon colors. He's got a ton of personality & I bet he'll be a lot of fun to watch movies with.

  8. *gasp* YAY!!!! That dragon is SO cute! I'd totally be game for a crochet-along. :D What an awesome gift this would make for my son (who probably wouldn't really care about it).

    The needle felting projects all look great, too, but there's something about Angry Bird that really made me smile. Have a great weekend!

  9. Edgar's colours are wonderful, just gorgeous. Great pictures and projects!

  10. Edgar is awesome! So cute.

  11. Great dragon, I have him in my queue, love the colours on yours

  12. I love the dragon! If I have the time, I'd totally do a crochet a long to make him! How did you like How to Train Your Dragon? It's one of my favorites. :)

    The little felted items are adorable! Wow! Are they crocheted and then just hand felted?

  13. Awesome dragon! I would love to make one. That was a great movie, very cute!

  14. The dragon is so cute!!! I may have to make one myself now (once I'm done with everything else going on :P) And the Angry bird pin is amazing! Are you going to try to make any of the other birds?

  15. Edgar looks phenomenal! Congrats :D

  16. Edgar is so super duper amazing. I love how his personality shines through in your photos. Great job with the needle felting, especially Angry Bird who looks terrifically grumpy. Just the mention of Rex Manning Day made me dig up my Empire Records cd. Hilarious movie and awesome soundtrack. They don't make 'em like they used to.

  17. That is one amazing dragon!!! I love it so much that I need to come and steal it ;) You also reminded me that it's about time I watched Empire Records again *hunts out the DVD*

    Thanks for your comment on my blog (about my socks) - I do indeed watch Bones, so thanks to you, they will now be called my "Booth" socks ;)

  18. I love him! I'd definitely be interested in a Crochet-along! You should so start a Ravelry group for it :P Let me know if you do!