Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIPs: What-Are-These-Things In Progress.

Since I'm hoping to unveil the dragon on Friday (...this may be a lost hope), I don't want to give too much away today, so here's a not-terribly-mysterious photo of a piece of it.  I worked this piece while watching The Simpsons the other night, which resulted in a lot of tiny bouts of frogging because I was snickering at Milhouse rather than counting my stitches, hah.

Still to go: three of four legs. :|

I think I'll keep it (not-terribly-) mysterious this week and not describe my other projects in very much detail, either.  This is going to be a sweet little yarny tidbit to be displayed on a plate, and while I loved working up the (tiny! I didn't even have to make it smaller! it was already perfectly small!) pattern, the sewing bits will probably cause it to hibernate for a little while.

I've done a bit of needle-felting recently, and most of it is already finished (!), mailed off to new homes, and will be appearing on Friday. But this one is still a WIP, shown here mid-stab. My iPod is in the background for research purposes here! Very important, evil-pig-slaying research.

And this week's springtime WIP-by-a-tree, a newborn maple leaf.  This is my favourite maple tree (but don't tell the trees I play favourites) on one of my usual walking routes.  It's a younger tree, so even someone as short as I am can cozy right up to its lower branches and enjoy the shade and prettiness.  I love how the baby leaves are the same sort of brand-new wrinkly as a butterfly's wings when it emerges from its cocoon.

WIP Wednesday at Tami's Amis:  all the cool kids are doing it.


  1. Ooo kathleen, you're getting me excited about that dragon! I can't wait to see the unveiling :)

  2. ooh... that's terribly mysterious!

  3. Okay, we'll all be back on Friday for the big reveal...

  4. Yep - another one here looking forward to the Friday Ta-dah moment!!!!!!

  5. Ooooh, if the very important evil pig slaying research means that that needle felting is going to turn out to be what I think it is... well then I can't wait for Friday to see it :D

  6. I can't WAIT to see the dragon! It looks awesome so far. You're always tempting us with your slight reveals. LOL

    The spring picture is beautiful. I love that you've been adding them to your posts.

  7. Oooh! Dragon! Looking forward to his unveiling over here, too. And, when you're finished with that, you're going to teach us all how to needle felt, right? Please? :)

  8. hello! thanks so much for visiting my blog~

    your knitted creatures look adorable and i can't wait to see the newest one! a dragon?? how cute! i'll be sure to check it out! xox

  9. OH aren'y you a tease! \i love dragons, so can't wait to see the unveiling!!

  10. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

    Cute leaf

  11. Hey fellow NYer, thanks for making me feel so welcome at WIPW with Tami.

    Thanks also for the encouragement re my basketweave scarf.

    I can't wait for your big reveal on Friday!!!!!!

  12. I find that watching TV is not necessarily conducive to finishing projects. I feel your pain.
    However, your photos are definitely mysterious enough to leave me completely in the dark. :) I'd be back on Friday regardless of intrigue but the mystery just makes it that much more exciting! :D

    Perhaps I'm weird but the semi-curled new leaf reminds me a little of how a kitten's ears are still curled back when they're fresh from their mommies. ♥