Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bombs Away!

Saturday---International Yarnbombing Day!---dawned damp and chilly and occasionally-raining here, so I didn't get as much cheerful-yarnthing-sharing done as I wanted.  I still have a couple tags (one which is still in progress...) to put up at some point in the future.  I did, however, go to a nature preserve near my house to put up my motif-tag on a convenient birch tree.  I love birch trees.

While I was there with a yarn needle hung on a necklace, I got to fix up an older tag that I put up last Earth Day.

This tag had gotten all stretched out from a year and change in the elements, so I cinched it up in the back (creating the hilarious streeetched look on the front---and actually, this tag is my first-ever granny square attempt, using a tiny granny square from a vintage dog-sweater pattern book, weirdly enough).

I decided to leave a little love on a stop sign as I was walking home, but I knew I needed to measure the stop sign pole.  I sadly (despite my mom's good example) don't travel with a measuring tape, so I used my headphones!  I wrapped them around the pole, and put the little slidey-tangle-prevention-piece at about the right place so I'd know how long to make the foundation chain for the tag.

I  used the first two rounds of this ever-popular heart garland pattern from Skip to My Lou for the heart, and made the tag itself in big sloppy double crochets because I was in a hurry! 

Before heading out (in the dead of night! Very exciting.) to attach this, I decided that I should do just one more, since three is a much better number than two, and whipped up a cute little rainbow flower.  I was just going to hang it somewhere random, and then I remembered seeing two little girls running a lemonade stand in their driveway a couple weekends ago, and decided to leave it at their house.

The idea of bringing something weird and random and hopefully slightly-magical to them just made me really happy.  Imagining the stories of other people's lives has always been something that makes my brain hum like a happy little steam engine, I guess stemming from how much fiction I've always read, and it was cool to leave this and imagine these girls finding it and wondering where it came from.

You should definitely check out the projects shared in the International Yarnbombing Day group on Ravelry, or the flickr pool to see some of the amazing, inspiring art that made its way into the world on Saturday.  I keep finding myself leaving comments that go "I wish I lived near you so I could walk by this every day!!" 


  1. I love your little bit of love left on the stop sign! I think those little girls will probably think fairies or something magical left the flower, I would have lived that as a child! What a great idea!

  2. I think of all of them, I liked the stop sign best. :) Although the flower on the mailbox was pretty awesome, too.

    I'd love to yarnbomb but I don't think I'd ever have the guts to really do it. . . unless it's a heart on my parents' car antenna or something. (I may just do that anyway.) :D

  3. Awesome work! I love the idea of a heart on a stop sign, especially since there are more traffic accidents every day it seems:( Love the idea of the flower for the girls too, so very magical indeed:)

  4. how much fun is this?! i need to learn how to knit or crochet or SOMETHING b/c i just can't get enough of yarn. :) i love the unexpected surprise factor of yarn bombing. great job on the cuteness!

  5. I bet those girls will be so excited to discover your pretty flower!

  6. I love the idea of this and your makes are so pretty. Must try and remember about it for next year :) xx

  7. Such great yarn bombs. I love the heart on the stop sign and that you left a little surprise for the little girls. I'm sure you made their day!

  8. Love the addition to the tree - colors are natural and yet with some added pop. Great choice.