Friday, June 17, 2011

A Different FO Friday Than I Was Expecting.

Sadly, I can't debut Ms. Goth Bunny today, because she's still in pieces!  (But I'm hoping against hope to finish her tomorrow in time for Toy Challenge Week...)
I can, however, introduce Slightly-Psychedelic Cheerleader Kanga-Ninni!

(She can easily un-cheerlead, because her pom-poms are just safety pinned on.)  I made her for my first-ever swap over at Craftster, and since (a) I finished her on Sunday afternoon and (b) she is now safely arrived at her new home, she totally counts as an FO for this week and can now be shared! 

I went with a simple geometric-patterned fabric for the front piece, because I wanted something that wouldn't detract from the face, but I went busier/cuter on the back with some buggy-print flannel.  It was surprisingly nice to have something so soft as part of this plushie, it totally made the stuffing-and-embellishing process more fun just because I loved the feel of it in my hands as I worked.  (...Real fabric.  It's softer than making amigurumis with cheap yarn!  This shouldn't have been a surprise.)

I couldn't resist adding some crochet, though, so I made her a little rainbow pocket-pouch out of a modified motif from Beyond the Square, and then embellished it with some layered buttons.  I've been noticing and liking the whole "layered buttons" thing on Etsy and the online crafting world in general, but I'd never tried it myself.  So far, so good. :D

I also couldn't resist going a little nuts with the face---the original pattern/tutorial had instructions about embroidering/appliqueing on the eyes and mouth, but I wanted something zanier and more 3-D for the eyes, so I made these goofy asymmetrical polymer clay buttons. 

And while I was baking clay stuff anyway, I made up this Angry Bead to go along in the the kangaroo pouch.  (My swap partner was an Angry Birds fan, I swear!  This is not just part of my weird obsession with crafting these birds.)

And this is the awesome ninni-monster I got in return!  This probably counts as a bad picture since the amazing summer-greens of the fabric blend in with the background, but I am in love with the fact that my monster?  Is a Summer Ninja. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to get all long-term crazy about fabric plush-making the way I am about amigurumi, but this was a fun little foray, and I'm definitely planning to make at least one more fabric plush to send to this dolly drive for the children of Japan---I love the idea of practicing new skills for a good cause.

Other links to check out:  the ninni-monster swap gallery on Craftster, because oh wow is that site full of amazingly talented people!  The variations and customisations that people made on this one simple pattern are kind of awe-inspiring.  And, of course, FO Friday is always full of beautiful yarny inspiration and things to ooh over.


  1. I love the pom poms! This little guy looks great!

  2. Both of those dolls are so cute!

  3. That turned out awesome! I love all the wacky little details. I've never seen layered buttons before, but I like how they look. I might have to give it a try.

  4. I love the dolls! and the angry bird bead is awesome!!!!

  5. WOW, I just adore the blend of crafts you put into your monster! (Is it ok to classify her as a monster?)

    I love how you added the crochet rainbow, too, and the beads. How did your swap partner like her (and the Angry Bead, which was too cute!)?

    And a tiny part of me wants to make a little monster. . . Except I have no fabric to play with (and the last thing I need is to buy more).

    I'm still eager to see the goth bunny. :)

  6. Oh Lord, now I *really* want to learn to sew! That toy is beyond adorable and I am in total envy of all the things you know how to do! So ridiculously creative. =)

  7. Um, ya, pure awesomeness. I have been on Craftster for a while, it IS totally awesome. So awesome that I am boggled by people who aren't over there checking things out already!!! You did a SUPER awesome job. THat angry bead kicks you-know-what!!!

  8. She is fantastic. Love the layered buttons - they make perfect eyes. What a great craft swap. x

  9. The Ninni you made is adorable!! Your partner is very lucky :) I was a fun swap wasn't it?
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Hi Kathleen! Thanks for ur comment on my ninni! Yours is equally adorable too! Love the crochet rainbow and the 3d angry bird!