Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday's Finishedness, Heat Wave Edition.

Say hello to Lilac Cat, made from the same pattern as Berry Bear from back in April.  I started her with visions of she and Berry Bear being posed in an adorable tea party setup, except that due to yarn differences, they're hilariously disparate in size.  I still love this pattern, and I loved it even more when I wasn't trying to do it in brushable-fluff yarn---it went so much faster.

And then I didn't feel like sewing her together for uh, weeks, and finally---yay for FO Friday!---sat down and assembled her yesterday.  I had this weird moment as I was putting the lace trim on her dress where I was like what am I doing? ...I'm sewing decorative lace on a cat's dress.  I decided to think of that as a good thing.  Next variation on this pattern: possibly a goth bunny. 

I'm happy to say that Cherry the Haphazardly-Dyed Trilobite has now acheived her life's purpose---to be the tassel on a trilobite-themed bookmark for a Swap-Bot swap!   The bookmark itself is my needle-felting project from Wednesday, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  When I started shaping the trilobite, I realized that what I was going to end up with (whether I liked it or not) was something sort of simple and petroglyph-looking, so I decided to go with it and did the spiral sun and abstract water-y lines. 

Here's what Cherry looks like peeking out of a book.  (She likes reading about fossils, it makes her feel at home.)

Cherry also briefly acquired a new sibling, Berry, who has already departed for her new home with the person who bought Rock Lobster.  These trilobites are kind of dangerous, they just...multiply.  I have another one drying right now...

Tomorrow is International Yarnbombing Day, which I had Great Plans to do all kinds of cool stuff for...except that I thought it was in late June, not tomorrow.  So here's my one yarnbomb-to-be so far, which will hopefully be gracing a tree somewhere tomorrow.   I started this motif solely to take a photo of myself crocheting, and fell in love with the motif.  I think the openness of it will look nice against a tree, inspired by the most amazing yarnbombed rainbow-spiderweb tree ever.

Go see what other fibery amazingness everyone is up to at FO Friday and Fibers on Friday!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!! That motif you're working is just 3 pages over from the one I'm using for that blanket. I was like, "I know that book!" (You're probably super surprised, right?) ;)
    I hope you'll take a picture of that yarnbomb, it's going to look so pretty. A tree necklace?

    I really hope you do a goth bunny. That sounds like a "cause" near and dear to my heart.

    Lastly, but definitely not least: the trilobite bookmark is about one of the CUTEST, most AWESOME things I think I've seen in a good long time. Especially sticking out of the fossil book. The geologist in me is in love! ♥
    I nominate this FO Friday post as my favorite so far!

  2. Whoa, that tree is amazing from that link! I too planned to do something for yarn bombing day and then...oops, I made too many socks instead of making items for the trees, etc. I will have to try another day, despite it not being the official one!

    Love the cat, bookmark..actually, love it all!

  3. First, I love the kitty. You definitely weren't crazy for adding the decorative lace. I think it really adds something, and I love the big eyes. I would love to see a goth bunny made from that pattern.

    I also think your bookmark turned out great, and I hope you photograph your yarn bombs tomorrow.

  4. Your post made me smile. I am imagining the tea party - who says size matters, remember Alice in Wonderland ;-) I've learnt a new word too - Trilobites!!! Great work x

  5. Oh my goodness I love that kitty! I must get the pattern for it, I have a niece who is 2 and just adores cats, she would go mad for this!
    Have to say I also really like the trilobite bookmark!

  6. Thanks! You made me laugh more than once with your funny phrases & adorable creatures. I am now officially hoping that you will go ahead with the goth bunny :-)

  7. Lilac Cat is so cute, love the lace detail. The bookmark is wonderful! It was very clever of you to incorporate Cherry into the pattern. She looks very at home hanging out with books. Thanks for that link to the spider web tree. It made my day. Have fun with the yarn bombing! (take pictures of that great motif in situ around a tree)

  8. Great cat, really cute! I love the link to the tree, it is amazing. The bookmark made me smile, you are so creative!