Friday, July 15, 2011

Sprouts and Friends, Take 2.

It's been one of those weeks (...or two) where I've been using most of my could-be-crafting time for other stuff like cooking and reading and walking around, so my sole FO to show today is this puppy, made from a pattern in the always-wonderful Amigurumi World.  This was a "commission" from my mom (quotation marks present because I obviously cannot charge my own mom real money for crafted items), who's making a puppy-patterned fleece blanket for a friend's son's second birthday and wanted a cuddly thing to go with.

He's got a contrasting eye patch, which I always think is a really adorable design feature.  This is one of those projects that I think is cuter in real life than in photographs.  It was a super-simple, came-together-nicely pattern, and I worked on it while watching a few episodes of The Walking Dead (which I'm lukewarm about.  I read the first volume of the graphic novel a couple months ago and I think I like it better than the show.  But zombies aren't really my Thing to begin with, so.) and Game of Thrones (way more riveting to me, and oh my gosh, marry me, Peter Dinklage) and Sleepless in Seattle (I hadn't seen that in yeeeears, and I'd forgotten that Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks's characters don't ever speak or correspond before they meet, which seemed so odd! I think I wasc conflating the movie with You've Got Mail, in which they...have mail.). 

The traditional amigurumi big-head shape makes this guy tip forward hilariously if you don't pose him on an incline. 

I rarely manage to take pictures of the food I make, because I'm a novice cook and bad at time management and by the time something is finished I'm just so happy it's done and eager to eat it that I don't want to pause (and let it get cold!) to do photos, but I do have a couple.

These are my fourth of July seitan kabobs.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I'm trying to eat less meat, and I can't resist new and interesting food.  My forays into various non-meat proteins have been fun and tasty so far.  Seitan is a mock meat made from wheat gluten, and it chars or browns up gorgeously, and also really soaks up whatever you marinate it in.  (And the best part about marinating non-meat?  You can use the leftover marinade as sauce instead of throwing it out because it's full of raw meat germs!)

And my sprout-growing project continues on, here some of my FO sprouts from last week's batch are prettifying this salad.  My new, not-so-secret sprout-related dream is to buy one of these fancy-shmancy sprouters.  Or figure out a way to make one so that I don't have a jar dripping water onto a pile of newspapers on my floor, which is an unfortunate side product of the sprouting process.  This salad featured some carrot-ginger dressing from this recipe, which I definitely recommend.  I made it without the sesame oil because I didn't have any sesame oil, and it was delicious on everything---salads, crackers, frozen green beans... (I have a thing for frozen green beans in the summer.  I eat them out of the bag still frozen.  Yum.)

And just because I want to share his cuteness, a turtle who visited my yard on Tuesday evening.

He was considerate enough to pose in so statuesque a fashion that he almost looks fake!

Also, because I promised a bitty giveaway!  The random number generator has selected witchyknits4ewe as the winner, so an email is headed her way as I cackle over some Ideas about what to send her... :D

I like that wants me to subscribe to their newsletter.  I can only imagine what kind of news it contains.  GUESS WHAT? NOW THE NUMBERS ARE EVEN MORE RANDOM!!

Anyway, other people have probably finished much more interesting things this week, go see them at FO Friday!


  1. Such a cute puppy! Love the little eye patch ;) I like the idea of it going with a puppy themed blanket too, that's so sweet

  2. Puppy is so sweet, he needs a name!

  3. love that little puppy! so adorable and that salad looks mouthwatering too

  4. What a cool puppy! And I wish that turtles would come and visit my home more often... I lurve turtles <3
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and for leaving a comment! :) I just added your blog to my reader :)

  5. I'm laughing at your newsletter comment, hahahaha!

    I can't wait to see what you make witchknits. Just the fact that you're cackling over your ideas intrigues me.

  6. Oh goodness, that little puppy is so cute! Great job!

  7. The turtle picture is awesome! He's so colorful. Dinner looks good, I'll grab a bottle of wine and be right over. The little dog turned out cute.

  8. awww, love big headed puppies. ;)

    i watched both walking dead & game of thrones, i love zombies! i'm not really into the whole medieval thing but i love love love game of thrones! hbo doesn't put 'crap' out. i think i love every show they make. :) i'm a tv junkie & that's when i do my yarnin'

    happy fof day & thanks for the lovely comment! :)

  9. Okay, I may have to subscribe to the random newsletter just to find out how random their news really is :-)

    Your puppy is adorable, and funny too with his tipping point. He will make some little person very happy.

  10. Love the colour of the seitan kabobs. They work nicely together - artistic food. The puppy is cute; he will be well loved.

  11. The puppy is such a cutie. I'm ready for lunch after seeing your yummy kabobs and salad.

  12. Your puppy turned out adorable!

  13. The little puppy is so adorable! A proper little boy toy! Great food pictures too, I never manage to take photos of my food, my husband is always far too keen to eat it! Cute turtle too, where did he come from though?

  14. The puppy is really cute, the eye patch came out great! The food looks wonderful too. And wow! ....where did the turtle come from? The pattern on its shell is pretty.

  15. I'm so excited to see what I've won!!!! The puppy is so cute and I love the turtle - I have two as pets!