Sunday, August 7, 2011

Squee: It's Serious Business.

First, the Obligatory Food Squee.  I love a good weirdly shaped vegetable, e.g. cutting into a red pepper this morning and discovering that it had (mostly) absorbed its own twin like some kind of horror story.  I think that's Stephen King's The Dark Half, actually.  So this is like that, but with peppers.  And pretty colours.

And this piece of ginger, which I had to buy because (a) it looked like good ginger, and (b) I use a lot of ginger, but mostly (c) because I thought it looked like a lobster!  I have plans for this ginger which involve lentils, cauliflower with curried tomato sauce, and my ice cream maker.  Not all at the same time.  I'm going to be sad to cut off its claw-bits and mince them, though.  At least it's been photographed for posterity.

It rained on and off this morning, and I thought I wouldn't be able to use the grill, but it cleared up, and now I have two plates of delicious grilled stuff.  On the other plate and thus not pictured:  sweet potato slices, cherry tomatoes, green beans, red pepper (evil, absorbed its own twin red pepper), slices of jicama. (Which is a vegetable I've only discovered recently, and only discovered grilled like, two days ago, and Best. Thing. Ever.)

I'm also working (very slowly) on my owlmaking tutorial, which is fun and an interesting experience, although I sort of forgot to take enough photos as I owled along the other day, so we'll see how it starts to come together when I feel like editing said photos and writing the captions...

The idea of revealing exactly how simple and haphazard my owl-creating process is sort of makes me laugh.  But there's something almost...cathartic, maybe, about revealing trivial but potentially sort of embarrassing things to a friendly audience.

I remember when I was in high school, a boy I had a crush on and I would sometimes hang out in the same classroom before the school day began.  One morning I was there with some other friends, and he wasn't.  I was perched on a desk talking to people, and through a combination of distraction and a badly-balanced desk, ended up getting tipped onto the floor.  I landed on my feet (like a cat), but it was still loud and ridiculous and I thought to myself I'm glad the boy I like wasn't here for that one!

So imagine my surprise when, while I was talking to him later on in the day, I found myself saying "You missed it this morning, I fell off a desk!"

I don't know, I guess (for me, anyway) it's just that we live in a world where we're supposed to present ourselves as perfect a lot of the time, and it's special to find a person or group of people with whom it feels comfortable to admit that we're not, and even be specific about how.  And the wonderful people from the community of WIP Wednesdays/FO Fridays who are nice enough to read this blog are definitely that kind of group of people, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to think about that.

Go share your own warm fuzzies over at Squee Sunday. :)


  1. Weirdly-shaped food is awesome. That pepper is totally creepy, though.

    I agree about lamenting online about things. I love the unexpected support I get from other people, with helpful tips or even just a similar experience. Knowing someone else had the same problem often makes me feel better.

  2. There's nothing better than relating to people who share your interests, and excitement... even when it's for creepy, absorbed-twin bell peppers! I just had this SAME thing happen to me the other day, and after cutting it open I couldn't bring myself to eat it! It was too freaky!

    Good luck with your owl! Curious to see it finished :)

  3. hahah, that pepper thing totally happened to me a few months ago. Ever since a freak strawberry + worm accident in highschool, I have a fear of finding creatures in produce, so I jumped up and down and screamed. W had to come over and assure me that it was just a pepper inside a pepper. Pepperception?

  4. Seriously, grilled jicama??? I love the stuff, but never, ever would have thought about grilling it! I get peppers like that all the time... I think it's basically sprouting a new pepper rather than absorbing it's twin, but somehow your version is more... um... horror story/interesting! I think I will go with that from now on:) Now, I am going to go eye up my jicama and debate whether this "grilling" will be in it's future!

  5. I really couldn't work out what that first picture was supposed to be! Really pretty in a totally bizarre way ;)

  6. LOL!!!

    I <3 jicama, too. No idea where to get it here..suppose I should stalk the isles at Whole Foods.

    Telling my crush I'd been totally clumsy when I had managed to do it while he wasn't around is TOTALLY something I'd do. Though you weren't clumsy...landing like a cat! I would have landed like a seal.

  7. Oh my, i need to stop reading your lovely posts and make a comment!
    So- I love it here!
    I love a bit of crochet and so adore your little owl- twit twoo, sooo cute- and then I read THIS post which has me laughing out loud. (Seriously, the Mister thinks I have lost the plot) - we had a very comical potato last week, which looked a bit like a dog, and I'm now regretting not taking a photo.
    At last I know I have someone to share grotesquely-shaped food items with!
    Anyhoo, am a new follower so I can keep in touch and join in with Squeee!

    Have a fab week.