Sunday, January 8, 2012

Owlaway Winner! And some photos.

And the random number generator chooses...Beth, of Visions of Sugarplums, with comment number 9! :D

Beth, I've left you a comment on your blog, but if you see this first---please do email me (my email is on my blogger profile) so we can Talk Owls.

And a couple random squees for Squee Sunday (other than eeeee, time to make a custom owl!):
Eating some veggies with a tree stump for a table on a Saturday morning: apparently, being a bear in a children's book is fun.  I certainly enjoyed my tree-stump dining experience---I have great plans to bring a thermos of tea and some teacups to this stump sometime, just for the LOL woodland tea party-ness of it all.

I've decided to attempt a "photo a day" project for 2012, and so far, so good.  I'm trying not to stress too much about quality, and just let it be a blend of real-camera photos and crappy-iPod-camera photos.  It's fun to wait for what feels like the right moment every day to document...something.

So here's the first sunrise of 2012.

And me in the process of shaking some rocks out of my shoes in the bank's ATM vestibule.

Go see some (possibly less odd, or better photographed) squee over at Rip It Good. :)


  1. Veggies in the woods - how fun!!! Love your tree stump table! Hee Hee! Cute socks, funny pic about the rocks and ATM!

  2. This is a very random and cute post :) And congrats to the winner!!

  3. Ooh picnic in the woods on a tree stump sounds fun. If only we had woods near here, I would try it!

  4. Hooray for Beth!
    I had never heard of Squee Sunday. Yikes, how do we ever keep up with all of the themes ;-)

  5. I could cry, I'm so psyched!!! Thank you!!

  6. wished i would have won but congrats to beth!!! love the socks! everyone needs fun socks. :o)