Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Whatsits and an Owl Giveaway.

Today's going to be a post-and-run day, so I'll hopefully be able to catch up with all of your excellent WIPs through the linky-thing at Tami's Amis tomorrow.

I've got a few incidentals on the hooks, and even one AFO (Already Finished Object!), which will be turning up on Friday and appears in sneak-peek format above.

 Also appearing in finished-state soon: ruffly scarf!  Fairly hideous, but that's all the fault of the yarn (random stashy stuff from a giant bag at my grandmother's house, since this is meant for the library's donation tree and thus had to be part-withable), not the pattern, which is fun and fast to work and adorable. 

I'm also making up a goldfish (because what else does one do with safety-orange Super Saver yarn?) from this pattern, which is available free until January 8th, if you're in a goldfish kind of mood yourself.  The pattern uses a shaping technique I'd never seen before to create these fish-lips, which, now that I think about it, could also be done in red and become the beginnings of an excellent crocheted pomegranate.

And in the very, very beginning stages of "in progress," a skein of so-gorgeous-and-decadant-I-don't-even-know-what-to-do-with-it skein of Malabrigo sock, on the swift and ready to become a ball.  I'm semi-lying about not knowing what to do with this one---I have an idea about an Adventure to have with this yarn, and I can't wait to get started.  Sadly for my wallet (but not sadly for my brain, which is all jalksdfj;s COLOURS! QUALITY WOOL!! BE MINE!), this adventure is going to require buying more yarn.

But the most important reason for this post is to direct you all to my Year's First Owl Giveaway, which Ms. Daphne the mythologically-inclined owl (note the open copy of D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths open behind her---we went to the library for a photoshoot!) wants you to go and enter at the linked post!  I'm offering the First Owl of 2012, who will be made to your specifications, and you have until Sunday to leave a comment there and enter. :)


  1. Holy cow, the goldfish lips are killing me. Seriously. I can't wait to see him all done up. And can I tell you how much I love that you went to the library for your photo shoot? All kinds of awesome, that.

  2. Love the goldfish, it's hilarious! And you're right, that scarf is kind pf a hideous colour. Im sure it will be very appreciated whebypi donate it though

  3. Loving the goldfish, super cute already! I would be thrilled if someone came into my library to do an owl photo shoot!

  4. Love the goldfish pattern. Can't think of a better use for orange yarn :o) c x