Friday, March 30, 2012

And Out Like a Lamb. A very yarny lamb.

 Ah, March.  You were a weird month, with no time for bloggin', and thus this is a big old cheaty "things what I made all month" post---and this isn't even all of it!  I made a vow at the beginning of March to start and finish a small craft every day for National Craft Month, and I've actually stuck to it!  (Although, I won't lie, some of the stuff got "finished" just for the sake of finishing and then frogged.)  But my Solemn Vow ended up with lots of weird, small projects getting made, like the Purim goodies pictured above.  I'm not Jewish, but I love the idea of Purim (it has costumes! and noisemakers!), so I took out some kids' picture books about it from the library to learn a little more, and then made myself up a Queen Esther crown (try the pattern! it's fun and just takes a few minutes.  I bet it would be awesome to make one in wool and felt it...)  The hamantaschen was a novel experience---instead of looking for patterns, I looked at recipes to see how the actual cookies are constructed (you fold a circle of dough around some filling into a triangle), and then crocheted some shapes to make a yarny version.  This is an apricot-filled one, clearly. ;)

I managed to make myself a couple actually-functional hats, too.  The first one is the ever-popular Divine Hat, which I'd made a version of in November-ish and enjoyed.  Sadly, wearing the hat makes me look sort of...mushroomy.  The hat on the right is just a big circle of double crochets, and the yarn (a skein of Cascade Nikki, which is super-bulky and thick-and-thin and, apparently, self-patterns into a star, which was the coolest surprise ever) made it look more interesting than it really is. 

I whipped up some shamrocks for an impromptu Saint Patrick's Day yarnbombing session, which made me remember how much I enjoy yarnbombing, so I've embarked on a bunch of other tiny ventures in the same vein that will be surfacing at a later date, and with a request for Input from you Dear Readers.

I've also made a couple seasonally-appropriate bunnies, one just from my usual "AS TINY AS POSSIBLE!" brain-pattern, and the other (the better-lookin' one, on the right) from this pattern, which has some of the best constructed ear-shaping-for-a-tiny-rabbit I've ever seen/used.  Definitely give it a try if you're in need of a quick little Easter basket treat to make up.

Here's another recommended Easter-quickie pattern, discovered through an Amigurumi of the Month group on Ravelry.  This is Cho the Easter Chick, named after Kimball Cho on The Mentalist, as that's what I was watching while I made up most of Cho and half of his shell.  

And I finally finished my commission cat.  I'm not terribly pleased with it---trying to remake something is difficult, especially when you don't have your reference photos of the original while you're working on it. Ugh. :|  Remind me, should I be lucky enough to get an order like this again, that taking can you make something exactly like this other thing you already made? requests may only lead to frustration and disappointment!

And before I forget---the winner of my March mini giveaway is...

Erin of the Knitting Squid!  :D  So while I go leave her a comment about her surprise (because I think everyone, including me, forgot that I ever had a mini giveaway going on...) winning-ness, you should all go check out the ever-awesome Fibers on Friday and FO Friday.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Forward March!

...Even though most of these projects were actually finished in February. ;)  First of all, some Surprise Baby! hats, made for babies who were expected in March/April and arrived in February.  (Fortunately, they're healthy and hopefully coming home from the hospital soon-ish.)  And they'll need hats!  And they have a woodland-themed nursery! So I whipped up the fastest pattern I could find, which I then made take a bunch longer by adding little animal faces.  The orange hat is uh, supposed to be a fox.  I'm going to have to practice my fox-making.

In keeping with the "small" theme, I miniaturized an already mini-pattern for a Knitting and Crochet House Cup homework prompt about shrinking solutions and made really small drawstring pouches.  I'm still just...gently edging my way into more thread crochet, I guess, and it's less scary-fiddly than I thought, hooray!  ...Of course, it helps to be making things that are this tiny (the black pouch is like, an inch wide) and not an entire tablecloth in filet crochet, or something.

And in the process, I seem to have created the strawberry answer to those apple cozies.  You're welcome?

I also used the always adorable marshmallow bunny pattern to make a present for a fellow House Cupper, and tried to do the itsy-bitsy Slytherin scarf in carry-the-not-in-use-colour-up-the-side colourwork without consulting the internet.  So uh, the result is sort of...special.  I didn't think the bunny would mind.

 And my only actual March FO, a little ornament I made using gorgeous yarn I won from Nat and the first three rounds of this snowflake pattern, then just improvising some single crochets and picots to make it more...petal-y.  Last year I tried to complete one small crafty project every day in March to celebrate National Craft Month, so this was yesterday's, and I'd like to offer it as a tiny giveaway prize to one of you lovely people, winner to be chosen...sometime later in March.  Just leave a comment on this entry (and make sure I have a way to get in touch with you---email, etc.), and for an extra entry, link me to your favourite quick-and-easy pattern/tutorial for something crafty I can make this month.

Linking up, as usual, with the always-wonderful Fibers on Friday and FO Friday. :)