Friday, April 13, 2012

This Week's Menagerie.

...Featuring Plaguey the Passover Penguin, finished last Saturday (after being started last Friday---go, quick patterns, go!)  The story behind this guy (and his little yarmulke) goes that as a toddler, I was at a Passover seder hosted by a family friend, and during the part where you recite the ten plagues and drip wine on your plate, I looked up at a penguin mobile hanging in the room and shrieked PENGUINS!, thus inventing the Plague of Penguins.  So when my mom was headed to a seder at this same friend's house last week, and this pattern (the second most popular amigurumi pattern on Ravelry, and with good reason.  fast, fun, turns out cute, I already want to make another one...) was the April pattern at Amigurumi of the Month, I knew it was time to put one of these little waddlies on the hooks and send him along as a gift.  He even got to sit at Elijah's place at the table, apparently!

I also made up a quick bunny egg cozy for another family friend, nestled him around a plastic egg filled with M&Ms, and dropped him off at her office in secret.  Cloak and dagger crochet---my favourite kind!  More on that in a moment.

First, meet Mint Mouse (made sort of from this pattern, but I made it smaller, of course), who's going as a "sorry your commission is so late" gift to the person who ordered Lilac Cat 2.0...

...and Suomi Seal, made for a Finland-themed prompt at the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup.  The pattern is aces---so tiny I didn't even have to make it smaller, and really sweetly shaped, and you can learn some Finnish crocheting terms while you go. ("Täytä häntä" means "stuff tail"!)

 Now a little bit more on the bookworm (and now bookfish,as I used this great little applique [I used the "small guppy" here] to create the above fishy bookmarks) project.  I am so excited about the wonderful response I got from all of you lovely people on Wednesday about the bookworms.   Thanks for all your comments and suggestions!

 Heather reminded me of Jeanne DuPrau's lovely The City of Ember, so I had a bookworm suggest it yesterday.

 And I had one of the fish make a recommendation for Ida B: …and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World, a truly amazing book that I credit with getting me back into childrens' literature a couple years ago.

So keep suggesting books, please, and also go check out the other finished/fiber goodies at FO Friday and Fibers on Friday!


  1. What a cute story, surrounding the penguin, it made me smile. :)

    I love the bunny, we had them as children. The most we had were 24, they were set up rabbit hutches outside. As an adult, I've had a few pet rabbits too. They're so sweet, so would love to crochet a few to add to my stuffed pet pile. My eight-year old daughter claimed all the ones I collected. :)

    The mouse, seal, and... oh my look at those adorable fishhooks! So much cuteness on one page. Can't leave here without itching to try something myself.

    I haven't been on Ravelry in a few weeks, but I will log on sometime this weekend, so I can check out some of the patterns.

    Tonight is movie night in our household, and so I think I'll try some of the simpler looking amigurumi's, while bonding with my daughter.

  2. All of your critters are super cute! I wish I could make those but just can't seem to get it.

  3. I love the story about the penguins, don't you love those childhood stories? We say the funniest things when we are little and cute. I'm also really impressed at all the amazing little projects you have finished lately, you have certainly been busy!

  4. I love your little Plaugy Penguin, and the story behind him. I also love that you sent him along to the Seder. I bet he was the highlight of the evening.

  5. Gah! More sweet adorable cuddlies! They look so sweet :) Your bookmarkers have been inspiring me to dig out a book soon. I used to read all the time but haven't made time for it in the last several months.

  6. Plaguey is so cute! What a fun background story, too. I am loving all the bookmarks that you are creating lately (and all the great book suggestions they are making)

  7. What a fantastic menagerie! And the penguin story cracked me up!! Laura x (Craftylaura on Rav,

  8. What a wonderful Passover story! I once made my friend Matzo Man for very much the same reasons. Hahahahaha!!!!

  9. I am dying laughing aout your penguin story! I made that same penguin (without the yamulke) when I was first starting crocheting and I loved that it was an easy pattern to do.

    LOVING you fishy bookmarks! Super cute!

  10. Oh so cute! All of them!

    Btw I nominated you for an award on my blog :)