Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Steps, in Hand-Dyed Yarn.

I'm short on time, so this post will be short on words.  But I have to share---look, guys, my first sock!  Really impressive so far, I know. ;)  I never thought I'd want to crochet socks, but the powerful persuasive skills of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup have prevailed again, and here I am, doing a little tiny sock CAL with a new friend who has made crocheted socks before, so I know I have help if I need it. (...and I think I'm going to need it when I get to the heel bit.)

But so far, so good.  I'm keeping my expectations reasonable---these are going to be too bulky to go under shoes, and they're going to have some weird holey bits where the decreases are or where my tension sucks because I'm not great with fingering weight yarn yet.  I know these things, and I think I'm prepared to love the socks anyway.

Isn't the yarn tasty?  It's from Sunset Stitches on etsy, in the colourway "Potions Master."  So these are Very Harry Potter socks, which may be the best kind.

Accompanying me on my sock journey will be this too-cute-to-be-believed cupcake/muffin that Erin of the Knitting Squid sent me, because she's just that awesome.

The books in the photo are Small Acts of Amazing Courage by Gloria Whelan, which I chose because of the cover (look at those pretty flowers!) and then actually took out because it's about India at the time Gandhi was instigating for change, but from a British-living-in-India girl's point of view, and I just read another book (Keeping Corner by Kashmira Sheth) from the point of view of an Indian girl.  I'm not sure about this one.  I'm more than halfway through, and it's one of those weird books that created certain plot expectations (for me) and then...went somewhere else entirely.  And it's a little simplistic, being that it's for middle-grade readers and not young adult readers, I guess.

Also on the queue: Gregor the Overlander, because it's been recced to me by a few different interesting people (e.g. Paula of Knit and Seek), and while I had Reservations about the Hunger Games books, I can't deny that they were hard to put down!  I'm only a chapter or so into this, but I liked it a lot right from the first pages.

Go see what everyone else is reading and making at WIP Wednesday and Yarnalong. :)